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This is where I put all of my Rin info and try my best to capture everything throughout the series, including all the extras. I try to update it every month or so, depending on how much new stuff we get.

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eta: This so needs to be updated with working links and all the fashions from S2.

Throughout Free and its official arts, Rin has shown us the wide range of his fashion choices. And to be frank, most are horrifying. But Rin is such a slick bastard that he somehow makes it work. I've heard people describe his style as hot pizza mess. And I believe that's entirely accurate. But I'm going with the term Fashion Terrorist because of how much Rin terrorizes his fans with his choices and yet still manages to make us love them.

So behold the many flavors of Rin's unique blend of FASHION TERRORISM. You've been warned. )
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Full translations through Chapter 6!
Chapter 7 and the rest

So I don't lose these. Also, this light novel is super good and you should read it. SO MANY FREELINGS!