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Matsuoka Rin: The Fashion Terrorist

eta: This so needs to be updated with working links and all the fashions from S2.

Throughout Free and its official arts, Rin has shown us the wide range of his fashion choices. And to be frank, most are horrifying. But Rin is such a slick bastard that he somehow makes it work. I've heard people describe his style as hot pizza mess. And I believe that's entirely accurate. But I'm going with the term Fashion Terrorist because of how much Rin terrorizes his fans with his choices and yet still manages to make us love them.

Sexy Samezuka Jacket: Here

Studious Student: Summer and Winter and Lawson

It's Swimming Time: 1 and 2 and DEAR GOD WHY

Eye of the Tiger: 1 and 2 and 3

Light Up the Runway: Cute and WTF is on Your Jacket and NO RIN NO and Stylin and D'aww He Looks Like a Bum and Precious and UM kinda hot and Kinda Dull and Sob and I Don't Even Know Where to Begin and What a Tool

Let's Go Out Tonight: Psst Squall Wants His Jacket Back and Gangsta and CRYING IN MY SOUL

Walking in a Winter Wonderland: 1 and 2

Fun With Cosplay: Magician and Werewolf? and Pajamas

Tradition is Cool Too: Yukata