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Player Info

Me: Kitty

Available on: plurk @fortheteam or PM this account.

Timezone/Language: EST, English.

Betaing: Best with canons I know. I will go hardcore into voice, as a warning. I'm also a flow/grammar Nazi.

AUs/PSLs: Sure, let's do this thing!


Scheduling Issues: Best times are between 8 PM - 11 PM EST. I am around more on weekends. Usually mornings/evening on Saturday and all day Sunday.

How I Play: I'm slow and if I have to assess a character's reaction in more detail, I will be slower.

As far as crack vs. drama goes: I enjoy drama A LOT, but I'm perfectly willing to have fun. I'm just more of the straight-man to someone else's humor. We can make it work though.

Jumping/Thread-Jacking: I love when people tag me no matter the circumstances. If you think I might mind, feel free to ask.

Thread Dropping: I drop if I think the character would not continue the conversation further or if I just plain run out of time. If it's the latter, I usually have no problem with continuing later. I also drop threads if I'm in a response rut. I will usually explain this. Other than that, I WILL BACK-THREAD FOREVER. Ask anyone. If I drop a thread you want to continue, feel free to contact me.